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Trying to be 24 with MS

I am 24 and have had MS for a year now. It feels like it is so difficult to enjoy my 20s. I am constantly too exhausted or in pain to go out anywhere. Also, I feel like my slurred speech is too embarrassing to try to meet new people. How do you enjoy your life when all you want to do is curl up and sleep?
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Advice/help needed

Hello, hoping for some advice/help.

Over the past few months, have noticed changes to my body. Feet almost always feel a numb feeling, and hands again can feel almost unattached or painful. I have tried to just not think about it, more recently things have become worse. Have had real problems with my higher back, again a very strong tingling feeling that has occurred in loads of different times. Also in the past two weeks, ...
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23 Years Old, Scared

Okay so I will introduce myself here. My name is Becca and I am 23 years old. I grew up with a mother with MS my whole life, and she raised me to be who I am today. Long story short my issues began at age 18 when I woke up one morning and couldn't see out of my right eye. The ER flushed it and I could still not see. Went to the eye ...
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New diagnosis at 22.

Hey everyone! This is actually my first post here. It was recommended to me to possibly try one of these forums online to try and connect with people like me. Young folks who now have something else in life to worry about besides the usual crap like looking for jobs coming out of school and stashing away some cash to finally move out of our parents' house! We have one more major responsibility on top ...
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Trying the tell the parents...

Hi there!

So background to all of this is that I'm 22 and I live about 5 hours away from my hometown. Although my parents and I are close we've been having a bit of a family emergency for about 9 months now. My father has been having chronic vomitting spells being in and out of hospital in limbo with a diagnosis. He's lost about 50lbs and is unable to keep many things down being ...
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Err, is there a "right" way to be sick?

Hi All,
I am 19 years old and was DX'd at age 14. I never actually post on forums, so not quite sure how it works... I guess I'm just looking some support and tactics to stay positive. (as many of you probably know, the daily grind of living with MS can ware even a warrior down). Also, I've been through just about every dmd (Rebif. Copaxone, Tysabri, Gilenya, Tecfidera, Plasmapheresis...) and none of them ...
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I am undiagnosed

I fairly sure i have this disease

It started when i feel from a pull up bar at my gfs house 4 years ago and i had tingling sensations down into my feet and didn't feel the need to eat. Throughout the years i noticed i felt less intelligent and could barely hold conversations with other people. Not only that but my lower extremities had reduced sensitivity and my muscles would be continually stiff to ...
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Had to go to ER again last night

Back in April 17th, I had went to the ER due to squeezing in my waist really bad, like right under your stomach and above your private parts. It started tolerable on a Monday, but by Wednesday night I was hurting so bad that I couldn't get any relief. They gave me pain meds then, and sent me home. I talked to my neuro, which he said to come off of Rebif, but MS Lifelines ...
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Update from Doctor's Visit Today

Hey all. Well, I went to my Primary Care Doctor today. I did get switched from Topamax to Zoloft for depression. He said he didn't know also what is causing my muscles to be tight all the time, and didn't know about why my speech is slow and slurred. He said that the slump in my back was from just poor posture (which I've had all my life) because MS doesn't deal directly with the ...
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What does this date mean?

I was diagnosed with MS on April 4th, but have been through testing since Feb. I was denied Medicaid, and then both them and my doctors told me to file for disability since I cannot work or drive due to my MS. On 4-25, I faxed them all the paperwork that was needed for me to fill out. I called about a week ago and the girl told me that all that she saw in ...
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