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Had to go to ER again last night

Back in April 17th, I had went to the ER due to squeezing in my waist really bad, like right under your stomach and above your private parts. It started tolerable on a Monday, but by Wednesday night I was hurting so bad that I couldn't get any relief. They gave me pain meds then, and sent me home. I talked to my neuro, which he said to come off of Rebif, but MS Lifelines ...
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Update from Doctor's Visit Today

Hey all. Well, I went to my Primary Care Doctor today. I did get switched from Topamax to Zoloft for depression. He said he didn't know also what is causing my muscles to be tight all the time, and didn't know about why my speech is slow and slurred. He said that the slump in my back was from just poor posture (which I've had all my life) because MS doesn't deal directly with the ...
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What does this date mean?

I was diagnosed with MS on April 4th, but have been through testing since Feb. I was denied Medicaid, and then both them and my doctors told me to file for disability since I cannot work or drive due to my MS. On 4-25, I faxed them all the paperwork that was needed for me to fill out. I called about a week ago and the girl told me that all that she saw in ...
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Am in the beginning stages of MS?

I was diagnosed on April 4th for Relapsing-Remitting MS. Symptoms I've had since Feb are double/blurred vision, slowed/slurred speech, unable to concentrate as well as before, plus they also found a white lesion on my brain.

After doing research, I've found that for a long time I've had MS fatigue, my concentration in some areas were hard to deal with but no one had ever thought that it was MS. Some thought I was lazy, ...
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My Whole Story - Diagnosed April 4th with MS

Hey I'm Luke. I'm 24 years old and was officially diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS on April 4th 2013. Sorry if my story is long, but I wanted to tell it and see if I can get some help.

I've been through a lot in the last 2 years - fathers death, divorce, plus 2 surgeries - all within a year and a half. Things had gotten better by October 2012, and was good until ...
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26/F trying to get pregnant!!

26yrs MS & pregnancy!!!
Hi everyone,
I was diagnosed w/ RR MS on March, 12 2012. It was the worst month of my life It all started when I woke up with blurred vision, peripheral vision was distorted, my equilibrium was off balance, and dizziness. Also, I was so nauseas that I quickly ran to the bathroom. At that point I had no idea what was wrong w/ me. It's natural for the person experiencing ...
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Just diagnosed with MS recently/ frightened and curious.

Hello everyone! My name is Donovan and I'm 23 years old. I've been experiencing subtle symptoms of MS since I was roughly 20 years old. Although, I did not understand what was happening for the longest time until I got into a car accident and the symptom of me going temporarily blind showed itself again. My vision will randomly begin cutting out almost as though a bad video connection to a television would simulate! As ...
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24 and I feel like an old lady...

Hello ThisIsMS forums.

I'm sure many of you can understand how I feel like such an old person even at 24. With all the symptoms (I am undiagnosed but i feel a lot of my symptoms point to MS, i'm still going through testing and numerous doctors appointments. I know neither you nor I can say whether it is MS or not.)
It's downright aggravating when things are happening to you but aren't readily noticed ...
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Possible Symptoms at 25?

Hi Guys,

I am 25 years old and have recently had some tinnitus which has been getting progressively worse. I had a hearing test and blood test done. The bloods came back fine, hearing test found slight loss of low frequency hearing but nothing too uncommon.

Over the past week or two, the tinnitus has become louder. It's still manageable but slightly bothersome. I've started getting headaches but they are in the back, right side ...
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Im not quite sure if I have it.

Basically it's this electric vibration thing that starts at the top of my spine and goes all the way down my back.
I looked at L'hermittes' sign, it seems like that but doesn't do it when I put my chin down, it'll randomly do it some times its just quick others it can go on for like a half hour.
Also, L'hermittes' says it doesnt hurt, but mine pinches.
One last thing, some times my ...
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