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When do you bring it up?

Since being diagnosed with ms a lot of things have changed for me. my habits, exercise, diet, everything.

There's only one thing that hasn't changed at all.

I like girls. Iv'e always liked them, always will. Im 21 so im trying to meet and talk to as many women as i can.

So when do i tell them about my little problem? I think im good looking, cool and funny. I have no problem meeting ...
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Finally found a forum which won't get closed. I had been on other forum of ms, thought that i'll stay permanent on that site, but the domain was one day put on sale.
I'am male 21 yrs. Got ms diagnosed when i was 18, specifically 17th July, 2009. I had several symptoms of MS at that time, ranging from numbness, tingling sensation, severe optic neuritis, balance problem, heat intolerance, vertigo, swallowing prob. and an unusual ...
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Possible ms diagnosis?..scared,confused

So in mid October I was at work and started feeling off, as the day went on I noticed my handwriting was off, by the next morning I felt like my leg was super heavy so I took the day off from work. The day after when I woke up my gait was off and my hip down was numb, was referred to a neurologist who got me a ct scan. That came back clear, ...
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Newly "Unofficially Diagnosed" and Scared.

My name is Amber.
I was recently hospitalized due to my body from the neck down going numb, and since this was not the first time I'd had numbness they did alot of tests.

They are fairly sure I have MS, but I cannot be officially diagnosed until I get into the MS clinic, and my appointment there isn't until late October.

I've been experiencing a myriad of symptoms and each one scares me ...
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So I am curious, how many people out there have got into a relationship after their diagnosis that has been so far successful? I wonder because my first exacerbation was somewhat responsible for the ending of my last relationship and now I find myself wondering every now and then if I will ever meet someone who will accept me with my disease and I wonder if anyone should even have to deal with this but ...
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Diagnosed yesterday whats the point

sorry to type a topic so blue
but im 19 years old, had life ahead of me, now ill be lucky to be 50.
don't see the point in dating, school, anything really

im sure some of you had these thoughts when you first got diagnosed
but i really would like to hear how you got through these times

this is terrible, my initial symptom was optic nueritis making my eyes hurt and colors wierd ...
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I am 20 years old and Living my life DURRING an exacerbation

I wanted to post a link to an article I wrote on my blog that includes a video blog I did the other day, I'm 20 years old, I'm still fighting my first exacerbation, and I am still living my life! Don't let MS get you down or keep you down! My worst fear was that I would be stuck in the house all day, everyday, but since I've been diagnosed with MS I've actually ...
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21 and saying hello

Hey everybody,
Just wanted to say hi. I'm not officially diagnosed with MS however I've been fighting for diagnosis for about a year now and believe this is what's wrong with. I have an MRI appointment next week that may hold some answers.
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Going back to school

Hello, let me introduce myself.I live in scarborogh, Toronto. I was diagnosed MS last febuary. I was working through a nutrition degree at ryerson university. I decided to take the semester off and go to work. I got a job with greenpeace as bilingual support service clerk. I was on a three month contract which I decided not to renew. I'm shit scared of my decision to go back to school. I don't know if ...
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Hello, everyone!

I have been away for quite some time, but I see that I am still listed as a moderator for this forum!

I joined this forum years ago, when my son was diagnosed with MS at age 13. He is now 21, just finished up college, and is doing amazingly well.

I don't have as much time on my hands as I would like, but basically I wanted to extend my support and friendship to ...
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