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A forum dedicated to the younger people living with MS reflecting their unique concerns.

Hi all!

Hello everybody!

My name is Jen, I'm new here (obviously)... and as most other people here, I have MS. I was diagnosed at 14, and I'm just about to turn 20. How time flies.

I'm just wondering if anybody else would be able to share the symptoms they've had with "juvenile" MS (despite myself not being so young anymore). I've been pretty lucky to be in remission for the past 2 years or so, but ...
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What is the progression?

I mean Im 21, What are the stages, do I have 10 years before I have serious issues with my disease, do I have 1 year?
How do I know if I am a mild case or if I really need to worry?
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Meet others with ms...

If you would like to get in touch with others with ms in your area, if you would like to find others with ms who share similar interest, if you just feel like chatting about certain things with people you know would understand, then join the facebook group called;

Meet others (between 18-35) living with Multiple Sclerosis


Meet others (under 18 ) living with Multiple Sclerosis

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No one has posted on this forum for almost a year so I'm not even sure if anyone will read this but I'm writing it for my benefit so I don't suppose an audiance is required. I'm 24. I was Diagnossed with MS in late Aug. of this year. My right hand (right hand dominent) basically fell asleep one morning and didn't wake up- for 2 months. Like almost all things untreated and ignored it ...
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So I'm not 25 anymore but...

I just turned 26 and I was wondering if any young people living with MS have a fear of never getting married? Not because you can't find anyone but what happens if you are on medicade and you get married? The government then counts your spouses income and you will not be eligible anymore. How are you supposed to come up with the insane amout of money it will cost you for treatment? Not to ...
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Mothers with MS Call for Participants in TX


A research study on mothers with chronic illness is seeking participants for interviews lasting approximately 90 minutes.

This study, being conducted by Courtney O’Dell, a graduate student at Texas Woman’s University, aims to gain insight into the daily realities of chronically ill women who mother by focusing on the narratives of mothers with MS.
You Must Be:
• Over the age of 18.
• Caring ...
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Resources for Kids WITH MS?

Hi all

I am looking for sites aimed at children WITH MS. We have a young boy of 12 who has been made known to us at the MSRC and we are helping him to find contacts etc with other children with our nasty friend.

If anyone knows of a site could you let me know?

Thanks in advance

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Important infomation for Disabled Students

I was talking to a man today at Church who is head of "The Snowdon Award Scheme", it is a charity which helps disabled students with aid to be able to remain at Uni/College.

For more information on what they do drop them a line, or give them a ring.

The Address for them is:

Mr Andrew Farquar
General Secretary
22 City Business Centre
6 Brighton Road
West Sussex
RH13 5BA
Tel: 01403 211252 ...
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My Intro..

Hey. 21 year old aussie male, diagnosed with MS. This is probably my worst nightmare come true. I could probably deal with cancer better but living my life in pain and paralysis seemed worse.

Then I realised that the internet was such a wonderful resource for information and there is great hope, although not "Clinically" proven I am on my search for LDN currently and am going to start Copaxone, might eventually dump that.

So ...
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Hi there

Hi, I’ve been lurking around the site for a while now and there’s some excellent information here. I’m 23 and was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago. After a bit of a rough patch about 18 months ago I think I have finally found my feet again (in a manner of speaking :D ) and got things under control.

I’ve taken avonex in the past which ...
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