Modern Medicine: The New World Religion

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Modern Medicine: The New World Religion

Postby Thomas » Sun Jan 29, 2006 6:26 am ... e&n=283155

Put forth in this book is the assertion that medicine is actually ruled by a set of beliefs, myths, and rites of Christianity it has never freed itself from. Supporting this claim are discussions about the ways in which physicians have taken the place of priests, vaccination plays the same role as baptism, the search for health has replaced the quest for salvation, and the hope of physical immortality (cloning and genetic engineering) takes priority over eternal life. This book argues that the medical establishment has become the government's ally, as the Catholic Church has in the past. "Charlatans" are prosecuted today, as "heretics" were in the past, and dogmatism rules out promising medical theories. It contends that only by becoming aware of how religious beliefs and primitive fears unconsciously influence one's relationships with medicine can people start walking on the path of freedom, personal responsibility, and individual sovereignty.
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