low white cell count

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low white cell count

Postby Dev29 » Wed Apr 13, 2011 7:13 am

Hi, I am new to the forums and have question that maybe someone here can help me out. I have been on Rebif since September of 2010 and my first MS attack was relatively severe in May-July of 2010. My recent blood work showed normal liver enzymes and slighly below normal white blood cell count (especially in comparison to previous blood work). My question is if this is a good thing. I reason that if there are less white blood cells, my spinal cord and brain are less likely to get attacked. Or at the very least I know the medication is impacting my immune system in some way. I realize that too low of a count is also a bad thing.

To people who respond to Rebif like this have a better outcome, or am I reading too much into something that is pretty meaningless? Thanks.
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Postby MSBOB » Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:34 pm

I just started rebif. My white-blood cell (WBC) count was super high, especially for monocytes. I looked that up and found that it is a sign of chronic inflammation, infection, or stress. Stress is troubling because of the high incidents of relapses and stress. That is what I found out and remembered anyway. I actually would like to see these WBCs get into normal range.

I know of one doctor with MS who uses rebif like it was a fix for when things got rough. I am not suggesting that this works, and this doctor is a general practitioner not a neuro, but I am wondering if my WBCs drop too low if maybe I should quit rebif (granted that dropping WBCs would be a happy experience at first).

Sorry if I am not much help. "I would like to know too" is more concise.
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