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Postby Froggie » Thu Dec 22, 2011 9:40 pm

MSBOB: If you're not happy with the medical care you're getting, a second opinion may be in order. Does your current neuro specialize in MS? I recall the physician's assistant at my former neuro's office mentioned she saw patients with knots and other reactions at the injection site w/ Rebif. How long have you been on it? I thought the reactions I was having to the Copaxone were just part of the deal, but I learned from a friend who was on it that he had the same problems I did.

Maledicte: My legs were nothing but problems, as I always had pain and usually reflux/bleeding. I was often left with large bruises that were incredibly attractive during the summer months. Rather than fight it, I just removed them from my rotations. Glad to hear the shakes and vision have improved.
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