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Postby Kiki » Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:55 am

I am on this rebif, was on beterseron, that was when I first got sick, now I have seizures and these interferons cause seizures, now not everybody will get them, but I have a primary brain lesion which is big, I have three others, but they are small. I took a break from this rebif, don't remember having any problems, was started back on it ASAP. The first night I took that shot, that morning I woke up with blood on my pillow, I have had three grand mals, my mother said she was slapping my face to stop me from grinding my tonuge, of course poor thing, it doesn't work. So now I refuse to start that stuff up again due to my seizures are not under control. I had a slow dance with dilitan and was toxic on that, never ever will do that agin, went back to keppra and gabapetine, and starting a new seizure med and getting off the keppra, which once again scares me. I hate this disease. :twisted:
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