Anybody on Fingolimod?

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Anybody on Fingolimod?

Postby MHP » Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:06 pm

Anybody on Fingolimod?

improvements? side effects?

would appreciate any feedback!
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Re: Anybody on Fingolimod?

Postby amberfer » Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:54 pm

I am! I've only been on it two weeks, and only been diagnosed for a month, so it's hard to say yet how its disease-modifying effects are working.

No improvements in symptoms, but I didn't expect any. No side effects for me either, and my heart rate did not lower during my 6-hour observation period. So happy I found a drug that is 1. oral (I faint with needles), 2. low co-pay (and Gilenya Go! program pays my copay so it's free for me), and 3. completely tolerable with no side effects that I have noticed.
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