My Regimen

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My Regimen

Postby MSConqueror » Sat Oct 09, 2010 6:26 pm

33 year old male dx'd in 2008, had my first relapse (optic neuritis) in 2007

Daily regimen
4 grams of Carlson's Salmon fish oil
1 Multi-vitamin
1000mg Vitamin C
1200mg Alpha Lipoic Acid
2000 iu's of Vitamin D
1200mg of Calcium
3grams of Spirulina
Weight training 3x a week
3 servings of raw vegetables (juiced)
2 servings of fruits

I have my last MRI in June. I've had no new activity or lesions for 2 years.
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Postby msdragonslayer » Sat Oct 23, 2010 3:06 pm

Vitamin D - 6000 U.I. per day
Vitamin B 12 - 55 mcg per day
Salmon Oil with Omega 3 - 1 capsule per day
Aspirin - 1000 mg per day
2 Aloe Ferox Value Life per day. Each contains
Aloe Ferox whole leaf powder - 170 mg
Aloe Ferox Bitters - 10 mg
Cancer Bush - 300 mg
Olive Leaf - 25 mg
Vitamin B 6 -5 mg

I don't keep track of the fruit and veggies but I like them both a lot so I eat a lot of them.
I have researched each prescription they try to give me and have not found any yet that seem to have actually helped anyone any better than the above. So I am not on any prescribed drugs for my MS.
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Postby msdragonslayer » Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:43 pm

I have made a change or two. After seeing an article about enzymes that made sense to me, I bought some. They are called Serracor-NK
I've been on them about three weeks along with the vitamins I was taking before.

Not a miracle cure but I do have a bit more energy and it lasts longer than before. The swelling is gone from my feet - that was almost instant and has not returned.

My right hand has been icy cold for years - it is now warm more often than not - it occasionally returns to icy - about e nights in the past three weeks.

I can walk unaided down the hall in the apartment building I live in for about 5 doors down and return without losing my balance. It has to be a straight line walk - corners still get me losing it.

Had a sinus flareup after I started them but have no idea if this is a side affect or just a run of the mill sinusitis. The weather is anything but normal this past few years, so it could be either and it comes and goes.

So it is a help but not a cure. The MS could still get better in a number of areas and I am hoping the endurance gets better. But I am happy for every little improvement and I am hoping it does.
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