Allodynia regimen

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Allodynia regimen

Postby smartguy99 » Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:37 am

Allodynia is a CNS disorder in which non-painful stimuli is interpreted through neural windup as a painful sensation. It can occur in the spinal cord or in the brain. I am a sufferer (but I do not have MS) and have tinkered for years with my medications in achieving significant relief. Of great concern are the posts of people who've said they've "tried Lyrica, Neurontin, amitriptyline" and so on. Hardly any of these state what doses, what frequency, what duration. Consider what works for me. 5:30am 75mg Lyrica, 2.5mg hydrocodone, 25mg nortriptyline, 50mg of sertraline (Zoloft). Repeat the same except sertraline at 10am, 2pm and at 5:30pm take 5mg hydrocodone. It's like telling someone you tried baking a cake with 1 pound of ingredients which included flour, egg, oil and water. How much of each? How long did you cook it? Look at Neurontin/gabapentin vs. Lyrica. One can work great and the other very little. Lyrica has a linear dose:blood level relationship - you double the dose, you double the blood level. Neurontin or gabapentin does not, it's a curve. You might need to go from 600mg a day to 2400mg a day to double your level. All of these meds except narcotics need at least a 2-3 week trial before you give up on them. And change one variable at a time, don't change 2 or 4. Unfortunately you may impact your cognitive abilities in order to sustain adequate pain relief. Good luck!
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Re: Allodynia regimen

Postby lovebug » Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:58 am

Thank you very much for responding to my request. Yes you are correct I did not post what my dosages are of the medications that I take. My mistake. I take 150mg. of Lyrica spaced out over 4 times a day (max. is 600 mg.) , 4000 mg. vit.d/day, 100 mg. tramadol when pain is real bad, 100 mg. amytriptyline at bedtime. My family dr. is giving me B-12 inj. every 2 weeks for 5 months to see if that would help. I am currently looking into your `cocktail` of meds. Maybe your cocktail will help somewhat with my nerve pain! I am not at the point in my life that I am even looking for a 100% cure but some pain relief would be the best Christmas present I can only imagine and pray for. Thank you again for your time...............
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