Baclofen, DHC and Amytrip, Vit D and calcium - new regimen

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Baclofen, DHC and Amytrip, Vit D and calcium - new regimen

Postby Archie » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:04 am

4 weeks ago GP put me on high dose Vit D, calcium, amytrip and diazepam for the EDS and possible MS. Seemed ok, had a couple of patches of 10 day blocks where I felt pretty ok. On top of those meds I take Betaloc for the tachy and codeine for the joint pain.
Still waiting on first Neuro appt (26th April) however over the weekend symptoms deteriorated so badly that things got pretty desperate. Sun/Mon/Tues extreme lower back, thigh and calf pain and cramping - no sleep, no food, I thought I was going nuts as it would be 9/10 pain for hours then suddenly boom no sensation except pins and needles for say 20 mins then bam cramps ramping up again....
GP sent me to the emergency dept Wed morning after seeing me as he was concerned there might be something specifically wrong with my back (on top of the EDS and possible MS). Numerous tests later they are going with 'mechanical back pain' in the interim as they cant see anything bone/joint specific or an infection. So they are going to see me in clinic around the same time as the neuro so we can put together what the hell is causing what. The poor resident was wishing he was House!! Lol!!!! This could all be caused by exposed nerves in my neck or it could be a work related stress injury, and who on earth knows which yet, because all their reflex/sensation/strength tests are out of whack. Bring on an MRI I say!!!
So he and my GP have put me on Baclofen and DHC. The Baclofen is working great at stopping the cramps, but it makes me constantly feel like spewing. I havent tried the DHC yet, still using codeine.
Man, I really hope this works. I have so many people depending on me and so much work to do and I am a freakin mess.
Does anyone else have experience with Baclofen? Does the nausea fade? I have a few friends with spinal injuries who use DHC so have had good user reviews on that but noones ever heard of Baclofen before!!!
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