When Diet Alone Won't Work

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When Diet Alone Won't Work

Postby vesta » Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:09 am

Testimony extolling the virtues of nutritional therapy to heal MS flood the Internet. Well known
protocols include the 60 year old Dr. Roy Swank low saturated fat diet, the Roger McDougall Diet, the
French Dr. Kousmine Diet, Dr. Terry Wahl’s diet, jimmylegs on Thisisms.com diet,
even my own MS Cure Enigmas diet. So you turn yourself into a Carrot head and still have raging MS attacks. You find irritating the “Aren’t I great, I just take vitamins and eat 3 plates of greens a day and I’m fine” attitude. So what if you do the same and you aren’t fine?

There are two major reasons why optimal nutrition alone won’t work alone.

One, you may have what I call “Skeletal MS.” The free circulation of Central Nervous System fluids
(Blood, Cerebrospinal fluid) is impeded by bones, muscles or
ligaments which cause reflux and back jets of venous blood into the CNS (CCSVI).
Chiropractic manipulation, Osteopathy, even surgery may be needed to open the channels. Should symptoms
develop after an accident urgent attention should be paid to this issue. (An accident can also injure the nerves

Two, the veins draining the CNS are themselves blocked, deformed or even missing. In this case balloon
angioplasty (Dr. Zamboni's liberation therapy) is called for to open the free circulation of blood (CCSVI again) and prevent damaging blood reflux into the CNS.

We can now see that symptoms of paralysis require a thorough examination of the structures surrounding the central nervous system – veins, arteries, cerebrospinal fluid, bones, muscles, ligaments. Only then can
a diagnosis and appropriate treatment be proposed. For some reason Neurologists seem incapable of doing this. So for now you are on your own to find appropriate therapists.

That being said, I believe one should still optimize nutrition through appropriate diet and supplements.

Proper nutrition serves 4 purposes in treating MS: 1) to heal and reinforce the vascular system at the cellular
(endothelium) level - especially critical for Diabetic MS, 2) to prevent stress on the vascular system i.e. the blood reflux, 3) to nourish the brain cells, especially important if there has been some brain damage - the current Myelin reconstitution "cure" and 4) to re-inforce the immune system in order to de-activate a latent Virus or bacteria.

And, frankly, I believe it best to find some help, a naturopath nutritionist or kinesiologist for example.
A healing Partner can monitor your progress, make adjustments as necessary, and either provide positive encouragement as you gain ground (or scold you if you backslide).

Early 1983 I read an article by a young man who highstepped next to his abandoned wheelchair claiming to have
recovered from MS by eliminating glutens and other substances from his diet and
adding nutritional supplements. He listed the “toxic” foods as well as a
vitamin/mineral regimen. Well, I didn’t believe him. I didn’t want to give up
the wheat batter on fried chicken. Talk about dumb. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I did begin to
research the subject in a halfbaked way. I bought Earl Mindell’s Vitamin
Bible. I read MegaNutrients For Your Nerves by H.L. Newbold, M.D.
originally published in 1975. He doesn’t mention MS, but the advice is excellent
for anyone with MS– diet and supplements. I began taking Evening Primrose Oil
which helped smooth out my hormonal imbalances. I followed the advice of the
only Doctor at my HMO who recommended vitamins. He was treated like a leper by
the other Doctors. The advice was OK but fairly rudimentary. I really needed help.

A body worker friend with contacts in alternative medicine
circles in San Francisco sent me to Dr Jimmy Scott the Kinesiologist without
telling me what he did. The muscle testing he performed to find food intolerances shocked me.
“This guy’s a quack” I cringed in shame at having been duped. But the advice
could do me no harm and I had paid for it ($90 an hour in 1984 was a lot). So I
began the diet and took the largely Standard Process supplements he sold and after going
through a terrible 5 day withdrawal, I began to feel better.

And this is where going it alone might get complicated. My organism was in a toxic state and
I needed help to detoxify. Among other toxins I had been poisoned by
Stilbestrol, a highly toxic cancer causing drug. When my HMO
Gynecologist weaned me off it he said if I developed breast cancer it would be
due to this drug. So I actually believe this cleansing treatment to heal from MS
saved me from developing Cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Nutritional therapy should consider the detoxification factor (also intestinal parasites which are common easy to expel) since the negatives may impede absorption of the positive nutrients – food and

I’ve been taking the Standard Process Supplements since February 1984.
Dr. Michael Flanagan (upright doc on Thisisms.com CCSVI thread) has this to say about them. “July
6 2013, pg 222
“I have all of Dr. Royal Lee's books. He was a remarkable
biochemist and organic farmer way ahead of this time. His whole food extracts
are more on the order of neutraceuticals and physiological agents than simple
vitament supplements. He was big on cofactors in vitamins long before anyone
considered the importance of cofactors like rutins, hespirdins, bioflavinoids in
vitamen C. Everyone else was focused on and isolating ascorbic acid. I am very
familiar with all the Standard Process products. They are highly effective.”

I have been taking these supplements for 30 years. They are only available in the
United States and my current San Francisco Naturopath/Kinesiologist on whom I rely is nearing
retirement. So what am I to do if I can no longer obtain them?

I have copied out for my records the recommendations of jimmylegs on Thisisms.com for
future reference. My own supplement program is may not be much help to those
consulting my blog since the Standard Process supplements are so central to it.

First off, if Kinesiology muscle testing strikes you as too subjective, you can have up to 250 substances blood tested for food intolerances (not the same as allergies). That can be the foundation of your diet as far as what to avoid. (Four such labs exist in Paris so I assume labs can be found in the USA as well.)

My own diet recommendations (see Paleo-Macro diet) or the Terry Wahls diet can guide you to healthy nutrition.

As far as nutritional supplements jimmylegs of Thisisms.com prefers bloodwork to determine one’s nutritional status and needs. She provides ample resources and suggestions. http://www.thisisms.com/ftopict-2489.html

As for myself, I will continue with the Standard Process supplements as long as I can. One
interesting detail. Dr. Scott developed a muscle testing technique where he
considered one’s initial pathology to be 100%. Periodically he would test one’s
progress. Three months after beginning treatment my MS had dropped to 17% which
shocked him. If one takes his technique at face value (without indulging in
scorn for the unorthodox) this implies that the body tension causing a blood
reflux in my MS is primarily a function of toxicity stress. It tends to
re-inforce my inclination to forego angioplasty.

But the CCSVI theory has allowed me to understand that nutritional therapy alone is
insufficient for me. I need therapies to enhance blood brain fluid circulation -
--acupuncture, TENS acupressure, swimming, osteopathy, kinesiology, upper back/neck massage. (Dr. Wahls
does too even though she may not know it since she electrically stimulates the
bladder meridian (blood brain circulation) on her back muscles)

I FIND MYSELF IN AN INTERMEDIATE POSITION. I I NEED BOTH OPTIMAL NUTRITION AND FLUID CIRCULATION THERAPIES. Angioplasty could perhaps completely "liberate" me, but I'm not willing to take the risk.

Others may have serious obstructions which require chiropractic or medical
intervention. Nutrition alone won’t do it.

For further information check out the site ThisIsMs.com. Under the CCSVI thread
1) for Angioplasty see "Dr. Sclafani answers some questions" which is
particularly informative since Dr. Sclafani presents reports of angioplasties he
has performed complete with photos. An excellent example revealing how CCSVI
treatment has evolved can be found on page 519 May 21, 2013. Dr. Sclafani
performed venography of "both dural sinuses, jugular veins, brachioicephalic
veins, azygos vein, left renal vein, and ascending lumbar vein and the inferior
vena cava". 2) Skeletal issues are discussed under "CCSVI and CCSVBP" a) upright
doc (Dr. Michael Flanagan) and b) "When CCSVI fails try AO and/or the Dentist"
by Rosegirl. (I am suggesting these sites for information only - a starting
point in your own research.)

About 15 years ago a badly handicapped French woman told me that while in India she
had enjoyed an Ayurvedic massage in which several women worked on her and
afterwards she could walk normally again. This made no sense to me at the time,
but now I realize she must have CCSVI venous stenosis. Her testimony resembles
that of successful balloon angioplasty which opens the venous blood flow in MS
patients implying that the massage opened up blood flow to the Central Nervous
System. Upon returning to France she lost the benefits of the treatment.
Acupuncture helped her, probably by enhancing blood circulation, but nothing
like the dramatic improvement in India. She probably has a serious vein
stenosis and is in need of angioplasty (or needs daily treatments which is
unlikely). OR some kind of skeletal obstruction of CNS blood/cerebrospinal fluid flow.

Recent testimony on Thisisms.com featured a 10 year old boy whose "MS" symptoms (and headaches) were triggered by an accident which I suspect caused a skeletal obstruction of brain fluid flow. Ayurvedic treatment, no doubt massage, "cured him". In his case massage alone could apparently overcome the obstructed CNS fluid flow.

As an illustration of skeletal obstructions see upright doc on CCSVI and CCVBP thread Oct. 21, 2013 Thisisms.com

"I suspect that Robert's disability and leg weakness is primarily due to the
degeneration in his cervical spine and the circumstances that caused it (most
likely soccer). Patients with cervical spondylosis, stenosis and lesions, such
as Blossom (car accidents and falls), Dania (falls from horses) and Robert tend
to have more progressive and disabling conditions. Costumenational was likewise
heading toward similar problems and disability. Fortunately as a result of the
TiMS website and specifically this thread, his condition was caught in time and
turned around by specific upper cervical correction. CN's signs and symptoms
started after a serious motorcycle accident in which he was thrown onto the
right side of his head causing his neck to snap toward the left shoulder
mislaligning his upper cervical spine and tearing connective tissues. Many
others have also benefited from this thread. The key is to recognize and treat
injuries of the spine on a timely basis before the do further damage to the
nervous and musculoskeletal system.

See Thisisms.com. jimmy legs. MS Nutrition - Summary pts 1st part post p1 June 4, 2006. Updated May 7, 2013. It is a very long, thorough entry. http://www.thisisms.com/ftopict-2489.html
jimmylegs states. “If you have an MS diagnosis, you are likely to have a constellation of nutrient imbalances (see BLOODWORK below) that have been extensively researched (see RESEARCH below). unfortunately, the knowledge gained via this research is only sporadically applied to mainstream treatment. ..

few approaches that i've looked at to date
incorporate and/or elucidate target optimal levels of various nutrients.
establishing the nutritional profile of an MS patient compared to the
nutritional profile of a 'healthy control', and then working to push MS levels
into the 'healthy' range, has been my focus. note that ms patients and healthy
controls can typically all be described as 'normal'. the difference between
patients and 'healthies' is RELATIVE deficiency, generally found within the
normal range, eg low normal vs high normal.

Suspect nutrients for MS
patients include but are not limited to:
vitamin b complex (all of them,
particularly b12)
vitamin e
vitamin d3
essential polyunsaturated
fatty acids

if you can't get all of these done at once, personally i
would prioritize testing for zinc magnesium d3 and b12 first, the rest later. to
help prioritize 'later' items, it's useful to look at interactions, eg getting a
handle on how your zinc, iron and copper levels are doing.

SERUM tests for these items (serum lipid profile or serum PUFA for the last one) are a good
first step and are most useful for comparison to similar measurements taken in
various research studies.
you can also look at uric acid and hemoglobin if interested (details below)...

If your lab does not use the same units as shown below, feel free to ask me about conversion.
Here is a useful conversion resource: http://www.unc.edu/~rowlett/units/scale ... _data.html
NEW april 8 2013 and one more good one (includes selenium unlike the first above)
http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1 ... 5.app3/pdf

some private testing options
http://www.lef.org/Vitamins-Supplements ... -Tests.htm
http://privatebloodtests.co.uk/ » Ends of jimmyleg quotes

MY CONCLUSION: I have quoted very brief passages of jimmyleg’s long discussion which is well worth consulting if one is serious about nutritional therapy. I myself have no personal experience of any of it, but intend to keep the info for future reference.
Jimmylegs has treated her MS through Nutritional Therapy alone. I need fluid/energy circulation thérapies as well.

MS Cure Enigmas.net
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Re: When Diet Alone Won't Work

Postby LR1234 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:26 pm

Hi vesta, thanks for the post:) I just wanted to add that terry wahls and the ms recovery diet ladies had chemo.
Maybe this did help them wipe out some of the autoimmunity enough to get food to heal them.
I hope terry wahls is open about this as it may well have had an influence (along with the supps, electrostimulation and foods)
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Re: When Diet Alone Won't Work

Postby Scott1 » Fri Oct 25, 2013 5:16 pm

Hi Vesta,

I won't provide a long lecture-

For energy, try a practioner brand of co-enzyeme Q10. Take 150mg before bed on day 1 and increase gradually to 450 or 600mg each night. Do not do this if you take blood thinners as well without medical advice!
For the endothelium, take one teaspoon of L-Arginine each day. No more than that and give it a few weeks.
Also, take a glass of freshly juiced carrot juice each day. Not bottled rubbish.
Use a practioner brand of probiotic from behind the pharmacy counter. You will need it.

You may require conventional medication as well depending on your overall state of heath. I had great success using Valtrex in conjunction with Avonex but no longer require it. (See my old post under Valtrex and Avonex on page 2 of Regimens section) Some people can't handle Valtrex because they have too many things wrong with them but cutting the dose back should make it tolerable.

You sound quite frustrated and maybe doing this might help. I am very well and if I can help I will try.

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Re: When Diet Alone Won't Work

Postby vesta » Sat Oct 26, 2013 5:09 am

LR1234 and Scott1: Thanks for the feedback. I seem to have been misunderstood. I'm doing fine, especially since I learned about CCSVI, went back on my diet and began to give myself daily Tens acupressure treatments. I mainly wrote that for people who try diet/supplements and feel that they don't work as they have for others, and to suggest fluid circulation therapies (acupuncture, ayurvedic, even swimming etc) as a necessary complement OR to investigate the possibility they have serious "structural" problems. Reading about CCSVI changed my life since a neck/back massage forcing blood down towards the heart can stop an attack for me and I'm convinced had I known this 20 years ago I wouldn't need a cane today. I do make fresh veggie juice on a regular basis. I've never taken Chemo and enjoyed a spectacular recovery in the 1980's only to backslide when I moved to Paris in 1992 and lost my SF healers (acupuncture, kinesiology). Thanks for the supplement suggestions. More details are on my site . Regards
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