Helminthic Therapy

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Helminthic Therapy

Postby Alexandra » Sun Feb 22, 2015 1:08 am

Dear All,

I am on Gylenia since September 2014 and I would like to start the Helminthic Therapy but I am worried that since I am already under an immuno supressant medication I may be exposing myself to too many risks as my body immune response to any other viruses/ cancer would be completly incapacitated.

I have asked 3 neurologysts and 1 is against, 2 are neutral regarding the use of helminths but none of them had an answer regarding my questions above.

Please let me know your views on this matter.

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Re: Helminthic Therapy

Postby CureOrBust » Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:19 am

Have you tried asking the makers of Gylenia? if they come back with no help (chances are they would say they are against it I think). Try asking about their position on long term low dose prednisone, while on Gylenia. Search for some other condition that you may also have that has a best treatment option of long term low dose steroids.n Just an idea.
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