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chinese medicine

Postby gibbledygook » Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:25 pm

I have now completed about 7 weeks on my combination of anti-virals and I am generally pleased with the experience after the steroid infusions. Apart from an initial worrying itchiness to my face, back, front and arms and a transient twitchiness in my left arm I have had had no negative side effects. Indeed my walking feels better and the pain in my left leg much reduced. My partner has commented positively about my walking as has his mother. During this time I have also done grazax, an immune drug for hayfever.
I visited the viral Chinese medicine practitioner who commented that all of my anti-virals (curcumin, licorice, ganoderm lucidum, green tea, magnolia) were appropriate for auto-immune diseases and allergies. He then did a fair bit of pulse checking and tongue examining and asked dozens of questions about my past health and then wrote out using chinese characters a list of herbs that I am to take for two weeks before returning to him. The herbs have arrived in powder form with the pinyin description so I will translate for my next entry. I'm going to continue taking 8g of curcumin a day alongside the chinese medicine but will stop my other anti-virals for the time being.
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