Update - Day 4 post-Chemo

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Update - Day 4 post-Chemo

Postby RedPenguins » Thu Jul 10, 2008 6:10 pm

Hi everyone,

I am finishing Day 4 post chemo. My numbers are dropping and I'm doing very well. Haven't gotten sick at all since the start. A headache during the first dose....that's about it.

I was released from the hospital on Sunday. I didn't have to go to IPOP on Monday. Went on Tuesday. Off again on Wednesday. Went to IPOP today - and tomorrow I'm off again. On Saturday I will start the growth factor.

My numbers look good so far. Not neutropenic yet....but probably will be by tomorrow night/Saturday. They actually told me I could go for a walk today and out to dinner! I was shocked. Also, I can go to a movie tomorrow.... I don't know if I should tempt the fates at this points, it's all going so well. But it was nice to go outside today. Yesterday we sat in the apartment all day - not knowing I didn't have to be trapped. Then again, I slept on and off all day. LOL

So far the worst thing has been a not-so-good allergic reaction the tape and antiseptic they used around my hickman catheter. It isn't near the actual wound (thank goodness!!!) - but man, it is bad. Today they put on a different dressing (3rd one to try so far). I'm still itching...but can take benadryl. The rash makes me nervous. Will keep an eye on it. Or hands....scratching it!! Uggg.

Oh, the other thing, many of my prescriptions were not written out correctly. For instance, they had me taking 4000mg of Amoxicillin a day - when it was supposed to be 1500! I was taking 2 valtrex instead of 3. Wasn't given one antibiotic altogether, and given one I don't need until day 30! I think we finally got it straigtened out today (I kept bringing in my bottles asking if it was correct b/c something didn't seem right).

Other than that, I am hanging in the apartment with my friend and a friend of PVNS (he is still in hospital). We are putting together puzzles, they are painting toe nails, and we're gonna watch a movie soon.

Life isn't so bad. Hope it continues to go this smoothly......

Hoping my numbers drop big time tomorrow!!

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Postby rainer » Thu Jul 10, 2008 7:34 pm

awsome, best of luck
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Postby cheerleader » Thu Jul 10, 2008 7:49 pm

So good to read the update. Been thinking of you, and glad to hear it's going so well.
Keep up the healing!
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Postby barbbelle » Fri Jul 11, 2008 5:49 am

Hi Keri!
Thanks for the updates! I'm here at JH now, too and I appreciate hearing from you! I got the Hickman yesterday and couldn't get a bed because there were no openings. SO, just got the call and will go today for my first infusion. I'm sure that I'll have questions for you as I go along. You are one week ahead of me. Feel so grateful to be here. You had asked about the power Hickman......I asked the PA that did mine yesterday and he said that it is a little tougher for the chemo and for the length of time that we keep it in. I'm sure that you found that out already, but just in case I wanted you to know. Hope to run into you at the IPOP when I get there! Take care!!!
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Postby barbbelle » Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:47 pm

I originally wrote to JH last July, talked to Dr. Hammond in October, saw Dr. Kerr in December, denied by insurance in January, made other arrangements and waited to hear until June 15.....so glad I'm here. Good luck to you all! Carrie and Dr. Hammond are lifelines!
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Postby Jamie » Fri Jul 11, 2008 2:19 pm


you are the first i've heard to be insurance denied. who is your insurer?


Mel got the same reaction to her dressing.

Zirtek was better than the other one, it was approved by JH.


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