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Too First Step

Postby ssmme » Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:31 am

I took the first step and sent an e-mail to Carrie Trekker's assistant asking for the info to start the process for getting accepted into the program.

I'm very excited about getting the list of requirements so I can begin getting everything ready. I only sent the e-mail this morning but I am eager to get a response.

I've started the real Tovaxin vaccines but I still had a really hard weekend with my ms. No exacerbation just the old symptoms in full force. I was gone all weekend too. I went to my husband hometown for his 20 year high school reunion. We stayed with his sister who I sat back and watched play with my 6 year olds. I don't have the ability to play with them the way she did and believe it or not I got jealous. It's not like me to get jealous but after following the revimmune threads for two years I'm ready to really seriously look into it. I want a chance at life without ms for a while.

I want to be able to play with my kids outside. I want to rollerblade with them and ride my bike with them. I WANT TO RUN AGAIN. I think this is the only thing thats going to give me a chance for that. I can't hold out for a pain free magic pill or shot. Life is way too short and my kids won't be young forever.

I am ready to take control of my life again.

I can't wait to get a response back. Thanks Lew for giving me that e-mail address. Chris HAD ms and I want to say that too.

I'm not going to quit the Tovaxin thing right now. I plan on following through with this set of vaccines but I want to start the Hicy ball rolling in the meantime. It looks like it would be about a year out before I could get in for the procedure anyway.

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Postby MaggieMae » Fri Sep 05, 2008 5:41 am

Go For It. Have no regrets that you didn't try everything.
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