Finally the cat is out of the bag

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Finally the cat is out of the bag

Postby chrishasms » Fri Mar 13, 2009 9:15 am

I have realized it is now OK for me to tell more.

I went back to Johns Hopkins for an investor meeting with Baxtor Pharm. in June to promote the Revimmune treatment. These guys from what I could tell were all on board and then the stock market tanked in Sept.

So, if we want to get the money from Baxtor to make Revimmune the norm this is where to go: ... index.html

Leave a detailed message to those people. I did. Spread that link to everyone you know who knows you have MS and have them put in a word to. I figure if everyone who knows everyone sends them a letter, it will add up to 5000 people in short order. That will definitely cause them to move because we all know money walks and....

So let's get this done. If all we need to do is show them the interest is there to get them to open their pocket books...lets do it!!
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