Messaging cell phones?

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Messaging cell phones?

Postby jtjdmj » Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:47 pm

My current contract is up, don't really use phone much as I don't get out much, but would like for emergency, but what I would like is a phone that is great for texting as I'd text friends/family in Ohio, since I've been in Atlanta for 13 years now, with NO plans of moving back. Any thought/opinions on phones that y'all like/use for texting. I HATE MY CURRENT PHONE for texting, was thinking maybe a separate keyboard like the motorola backflip, only drawback I see is having to use two keys (alt +) for numbers, what a pain with my shakey right hand, but I promise to check other reviews, not just y'alls, but I'd LOVE opinions!

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