Travel scoot

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Travel scoot

Postby msscooter » Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:08 pm

I have SPMS (EDSS 3.5-4) with some mobility. ( This devise has saved my life and given me the freedom I lost with MS. [url]
I use it for shopping and I have taken it all over Europe and Guatemala.

it folds like a razor scooter, so it is easy to get on a bus or in a taxi. It is airlines approved. I just ride up to the plane, board early with the other crips and fold it up and put it in the overhead compartment then re-assemble it at landing (3 min) and go through the next airport.

I can carry it up and down stairs if I have a hand rail. it weighs 35 lbs. and w/ the lithium ion battery I get 12 miles before I recharge. with 2 batteries thats 24 miles! You do need ability to use legs and arms somewhat but it is way cool and Europe has become very accessible in the last couple of years w/ new elevators at every train station.[/url]
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