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Postby Asher » Sun Jan 15, 2012 4:07 am

Dear moderators,

I write this is not to stir up truble or controversy. But there is a phenomenon I observe on TIMS that to my mind is, at best, inappropriate. Specifically, MDs using TIMS as a platform to promote their p.o.v and interventions (which are scientifically unproven), and to make claims that are not peer reviewed but only based on anecdotal evidence.

MS is a tricky disease. It is impossible to take any observation at any given point in time at face value. Every patient is at a different stage of the disease progression and there is no way to tell a remission from placebo or from natural symptomatic fluctuations. This is why anecdotal 'evidence' can be so misleading. The readers and members of this forum are a vulnerable group (including myself) who are eager to find a cure for their debilitating disease. This could be a fertile environment for MDs with a self interest (as we all have) who understand the power of social media to promote their services.

Please could you restore integrity to this forum by drawing a line in the sand and applying the same standards and norms we are all expected to adhere to to MDs too?

Thank you and king regards,

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