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Postby NHE » Wed Apr 22, 2009 12:46 am

Due to some recent changes in the forum database, you may encounter some errors that state...


These errors should be temporary and go away over time. However, to deal with them you should note the url for the posts you are attempting to view. It will say something like... ... c-555.html

This url produced the above error message. However, pay particular attention to the last set of numbers, in this case the 555. The forum software groups the posts to 15 per page. The 555 at the end of the url means that you are asking for messages with number 555 and higher in that thread. If you change the last set of digits to a message count that's 15 lower, i.e., 540 in this case, the url will work correctly and you will be able to view the most recent posts for that thread.

Thanks for your patience. Hopefully these errors will not be too disruptive.

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