HSCT in Belgium?

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HSCT in Belgium?

Postby packo » Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:42 am

Ten days ago I found this:

http://www.msmusings.com/archive40/41/R ... Writer.htm
http://www.msmusings.com/archive2/52/Re ... splant.htm

It appears that this guy (upon trying everything) did the myeloablative HSCT in 2004 in Brugge Belgium on a private basis, and was also contacted by Craig Garisson, who is a pioneer when it comes to HSCT:

So Belgium is maybe another option, and I am pretty much certain that there are some other places in the world that would be willing to do the HSCT for multiple sclerosis outside clinical trials. One more note, I remember that staff at Hadassah told me that there were more people from the U.S.A. that did the non-myeloablative HSCT there before me (late 2006-early 2007).
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Re: HSCT in Belgium?

Postby georgegoss » Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:02 am

Hi Packo,

Thanks for this useful info. I try to keep an updated and current list of Hospital treatment facilities around the world listed on the following page that are willing to perform HSCT for MS patients. So I appreciate knowing about this possibility in Belgium. I will contact them to see if they would still be willing to do it, and if so, will add to this list:

http://themscure.blogspot.com/2011/06/g ... -have.html

I am also currently communicating with Karolinska (public) Hospital in Sweden to see if they should be added to the list. They have already treated two private MS patients (with myeloablative BEAM HSCT) that I am aware of. Hopefully they will also be an option.

I have also had an opportunity to trade e-mails with Kirk Garrison. Being one of the first MS patients in the US to receive myeloablative HSCT 12 years ago in the phase I trial, his disease is still stopped today. Very encouraging indicating the long-term efficicacy of HSCT.

But no matter what, along with the number of MS patients receiving HSCT outside of a trial on a paid-basis, the list continues to grow. It's looking like this will very likely become a "standard" of treatment that will eventually be covered by medical insurance.

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Re: HSCT in Belgium?

Postby seeva » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:19 pm

HI George my name is seeva from SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA and i have send few mail to BELGIUM heidelberg university hospital regarding HSCTtreatment but i have not recived any reply from them. Please let me know the right contact details of the DR. at the hospital
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