Stem-cell therapy takes off in Texas

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Stem-cell therapy takes off in Texas

Postby Liberation » Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:16 pm

...Lotfi says that he has administered cells processed by Celltex to more than 20 people. “Five or six” — including Bertrand — have multiple sclerosis and “four or five” have Parkinson's disease, he says. Lotfi explains that patients sign up for treatment by contacting Novak, and that cells are prepared by removing about five grams of fat — containing roughly 100,000 mesenchymal stem cells — from the patient's abdomen. Over a three-week period, the cells are cultured until they reach about 800 million cells. Lotfi says that patients get at least three injections of 200 million cells each, and that the cells do not take effect for a few months. According to Lotfi, Celltex charges US$7,000 per 200 million cells, and pays Lotfi $500 per injection...

Lotfi says that most of his patients claim to get better after the treatment, but he admits that there is no scientific evidence that the cells are effective. “The scientific mind is not convinced by anecdotal evidence,” he acknowledges. “You need a controlled, double-blind study. But for many treatments, that's not possible. It would take years, and some patients don't have years.”

“The worst-case scenario is that it won't work,” he adds. “But it could be a panacea, from cosmetics to cancer.” He says that Celltex is conducting a trial in which patients “will be their own control”. “If you can compare before and after and show improvement, there's no need for a placebo,” he explains. “How can you charge people, and then give them a placebo?”... ... as-1.10133
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Re: Stem-cell therapy takes off in Texas

Postby SammyJo » Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:08 am

I had the infusions in May, almost at 3 months now and I'm very impressed with my progress. Yes, they are tracking results under an IRB approved trial, so we will have results on adipose derived stem cells for MS. PM me and I'll send you my detailed tracking report. Or contact me on FB

I think CCSVI treatment is necessary, but we need stem cells to heal the damaged vein tissue so it doesn't restenose. And the stem cells repair myelin damage too. Here is a public account from Dave Summers who had combination treatment in India for MS, angioplasty for CCSVI + adult stem cells. I am in touch with him, he is continuing to do well.

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