3RD Patient Claims Improvement

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3RD Patient Claims Improvement

Postby milesap » Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:13 am

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Comment by JoAnn Ingeberg
This is my first entry anywhere onto Locator or on any blog ever so please have patience while I figure this out. My name is JoAnn Ingeberg and I just returned home to Canada from CCSVI Clinic in India after having the combination therapy in the clinic. I was there at the same time as Deb O’Connell but our schedules overlapped so I just arrived back in Canada a few days ago. I’ve been trying to follow this thread about CCSVI Clinic and it seems like one of the issues is that people on this site are wondering if this procedure is effective for everyone and repeatable as a therapy.
I can tell you that I was 7.5 on the EDSS scale, and I really haven’t been walking for the past 15 years. After my therapies, I can tell you that what I’m feeling now compared to how I felt before is not really comparable. I did see how Deb O’Connell almost came back from the dead after her therapy and we were all completely stunned. I am here to tell you that much the same thing is happening to me right now with my legs, my balance coming back and all of those bodily function changes that make MS so debilitating and humiliating. The 2 weeks I spent in the clinic have been the most significant of my life and I can’t even say how grateful I am on this Thanksgiving Day to be able to write this without any brain fog, clear of thought, and absolutely knowing I’m going to come back all the way from my disease. This isn’t just like my liberation therapy getting rid of my symptoms. This is getting my body back and the ability to walk again.
I’m just getting ready to leave for the coast in a few days, but before then, I’m going to write a longer blog to post where everyone can see it on Locator. I just want everyone on this site and everyone everywhere to know what I think this therapy can do for people with MS.
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