Stem cell therapies likely in the future for MS

Discuss stem cells, adult and embryonic, and their therapeutic potential for MS here.

Stem cell therapies likely in the future for MS

Postby MSUK » Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:01 am

Stem cell therapies likely in the future for MS and other myelin disorders


When the era of regenerative medicine dawned more than three decades ago, the potential to replenish populations of cells destroyed by disease was seen by many as the next medical revolution. However, what followed turned out not to be a sprint to the clinic, but rather a long tedious slog carried out in labs across the globe required to master the complexity of stem cells and then pair their capabilities and attributes with specific diseases.

In a review article appearing in the journal Science, University of Rochester Medical Center scientists Steve Goldman, M.D., Ph.D., Maiken Nedergaard, Ph.D., and Martha Windrem, Ph.D., contend that researchers are now on the threshold of human application of stem cell therapies for a class of neurological diseases known as myelin disorders - a long list of diseases that include conditions such as multiple sclerosis, white matter stroke, cerebral palsy, certain dementias, and rare but fatal childhood disorders called pediatric leukodystrophies.

"Stem cell biology has progressed in many ways over the last decade, and many potential opportunities for clinical translation have arisen," said Goldman. "In particular, for diseases of the central nervous system, which have proven difficult to treat because of the brain's great cellular complexity, we postulated that the simplest cell types might provide us the best opportunities for cell therapy."

The common factor in myelin disorders is a cell called the oligodendrocyte. These cells arise, or are created, by another cell found in the central nervous system called the glial progenitor cell. Both oligodendrocytes and their "sister cells" - called astrocytes - share this same parent and serve critical support functions in the central nervous systems. ... Read More - ... ageid/1330
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Re: Stem cell therapies likely in the future for MS

Postby vw35qrt » Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:18 pm

the next phase beyond the use of stem cells is using nanotechnology to repair myelin sheath damage. I read an interesting article in this cutting edge area of research. ... ming-soon/
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Re: Stem cell therapies likely in the future for MS

Postby Gogo » Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:31 am

This is an old article on CCSVI. Why do you put it here? Please read the forums before posting old articles on the wrong forums.
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