Stem Cell study offers hope to multiple sclerosis patients

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Stem Cell study offers hope to multiple sclerosis patients

Postby MSUK » Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:05 am


Scientists in recent years have found a way to infuse stem cells into the brains of animals to repair damage to the central nervous system, offering some of the most encouraging news yet for multiple sclerosis patients.

Now, a key $12.1 million study soon will be under way in Buffalo and two other upstate medical centers that will for the first time begin to test the procedure in people.

The hope is that the stem cells will generate new myelin, the fatty substance that surrounds nerves like the insulation on a wire. Myelin is damaged in MS, leading to weak or lost signals between nerves. Eventually, the painful disease spreads in a slow, unpredictable path toward paralysis.

“This is a promising strategy. It has been extraordinarily effective in mice, and there is great hope the technique will be successful in people,” said Dr. Steven Goldman, co-principal investigator and co-director of the University of Rochester Center for Translational Neuromedicine.... Read More - ... ageid/1330
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Re: Stem Cell study offers hope to multiple sclerosis patien

Postby Vivianne766 » Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:25 pm

OMG This is very exciting.
I mean I am almost excited.
I do not want to set hopes on something again, that might not work, but out of all places....
I'm in Buffalo !!!!!
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