BEGAN HSCT - 5/13/13

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BEGAN HSCT - 5/13/13

Postby NewHope » Sat May 18, 2013 9:37 am


I am currently undergoing HSCT in Chicago. I had my first dose of chimo on Monday and was discharged to the local hotel afterwards. Today I started the neuropen shots and the antibiotics. My stem cells will be harvested on Thursday next week.

Here is the thing: My MS has flared up somewhat after the first dose of chimo - stiffer, numbness in hands and right foot. I am told that it's just because my MS is very aggressive, that the chimo hadn't kicked in yet and that my increased symptoms are not related to that first dose of chimo last Monday because chimo doesn't do that. But it all started with that so I am worried how I will do when I get admitted to the hospital in 2 weeks for 4 more doses of chimo so they wipe out my immune system completely.

Could you please share your experiences and/or opinions with me?

Thank you!

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Re: BEGAN HSCT - 5/13/13

Postby seeva » Sat May 18, 2013 4:40 pm

please let us know how much your HSCT treatment cost and how we can contact them
seeva :peace:
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Re: BEGAN HSCT - 5/13/13

Postby iKat » Sun May 19, 2013 7:59 am

Good luck! I just spoke with Chicago on Friday, they requested a copy of my current MRI. You're so brave, but I would be nervous too.
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Re: BEGAN HSCT - 5/13/13

Postby miri » Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:54 am

often professionals (in various fields, not just medicine) don't bother to communicate clearly to laypersons.

So, to NewHope, what i think they meant in your case, is:

usually, the overactive immune systems of those of us with conditions labelled MS, FM, whatever, create flare ups, when they sense an "alien" is invading.

Aliens can be:

foods which "overexcite" (& dilate) your raw-damaged nerves & tissues
...such as very sour foods, very spicy foods, very salty foods, alcoholic stuff
...note: sour foods ARE chemicals - ain't that chemo, if you think about it?

EMFs & bright lights of fluresence & computers, which do likewise
...note: ain't EMFs & computer exposure, radiation, if you think about it?

Dry eyes caused by computer viewing (ocular headaches & eye inflammation)

Chemical odors, chemicals penetrating your eyes & chemotherapy may cause flare ups


In your case, since you were not yet finished with the chemo doses, your immune system had yet to be TOTALLY wiped out. So your not-yet-wiped-out white blood cells WENT INTO FULL GEAR, INFLAMING YOU TO THE POINT OF STIFFNESS & NUMBNESS.

Am i making sense?
Do any professional doctors ever speak plain language similar to what I just said?
Because I'd consider that a minor miracle.
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Re: BEGAN HSCT - 5/13/13

Postby Pesho » Mon Jul 29, 2013 2:38 pm

NewHope, any new news? How are you doing, the procedure should be over by now? Kind of quiet on Stem Cell forum lately.
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