Celltex and Baylor - Anti-aging for men, stem cell trial

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Celltex and Baylor - Anti-aging for men, stem cell trial

Postby SammyJo » Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:40 pm

This is not for any specific disease, but it demonstrates that stem cell trials are expanding! Tell you doctor they should start a trial too!

Celltex is in discussions with Dr. Mohit Khera, MD, Assistant Professor at the Scott Department of Urology at the Baylor College of Medicine, regarding his clinical trial that focuses on stem cells and testosterone. He is currently working with the Food and Drug Administration to obtain approval for this study. In this study, he will give men testosterone and their own stem cells for over one year and then assess changes in the aging process, such as muscle mass, bone formation, cognition, sexual function, and nerve regeneration and growth. Dr. Khera has already raised over half of the $1.5 million needed to initiate the project.

http://celltexbank.com/celltex-clinical ... ouncement/
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Re: Celltex and Baylor - Anti-aging for men, stem cell trial

Postby SLOV8213 » Sat Dec 28, 2013 7:20 pm

LOL, All the diseases Celltex claim to treat. For their first clinical trial they are reaching out to coach potatoes who can no longer get it up, but are looking for an alternate to Viagra. Seriously folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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