Hsct patients in Ireland

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Hsct patients in Ireland

Postby Shamrock » Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:02 am

Hi I'm wondering is there anyone out there that could help me with my research. I have ms I'm 25 year old male. They are unsure as to which particular type I have they said PPMS first now they think it's RRMS. I was on copaxone for a short few months as I was not benefiting from it. I have been on LDN since 9 weeks after I was diagnosed. I'm still working full time I do the gym very regularly and I feel good except for the twitching the tightness in my knees and calves and ankles.
I have been doing so much research on MS and I have taken control of my body and I feel I'm extremely in touch with differences that occur in my body. I came across the HSCT treatment and I'm extremely interested I have read all the blogs and articles and journals however if I could chat with some one perhaps in Ireland that May have had it done that would be fantastic. I have fought very hard to get where I am in life and by hell or by crook il not let MS get in the way of my plans. I think there is no point moaning about my symptoms so I just get on with it. But if this treatment could work it would eradicate all my problems in terms of stopping the progression. I am aware that the treatment cannot be done in Ireland and I am in the process of sending my I for to Germany to let the prof check it out. I did find gerogegoss website absolutely excellent and informative. If anyone could give me a little info on anyone from Ireland treated with this therapy I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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