FDA Approves Phase II MS Stem Cell Study Conducted by Tisch

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FDA Approves Phase II MS Stem Cell Study Conducted by Tisch

Postby SammyJo » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:31 pm

Excellent news! An FDA approved human trial in the USA at Tisch MS Research Center of New York, just got approved and funded to move to ph 2 based on good results for ph 1. AND this is for secondary and progressive MS! But if it can help reverse dissability in progressed MS, think what it will do for early MS.

Wheelchair Kamikaze: An Interview with Dr. Saud Sadiq – FDA Approves Phase II MS Stem Cell Study Conducted by Tisch Research Center of New York

http://www.wheelchairkamikaze.com/2016/ ... tisch.html

My comments:
This is incredibly good news, there has NEVER been a therapy for MS that stops progression, gives symptom relief, and repairs CNS damage!

Dr. Sadiq's approach uses non-embryonic adult stem cells from the patient's own bone marrow (autologous mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs), expanded to a higher dose in the lab, and manipulated a bit to tweak them towards becoming neural progenitor cells. The delivery method is intrathecal injection of cultured cells into the spinal fluid, which carries the cells into the brain.

Note in the interview Dr. Sadiq says adipose derived cells are probably even better than bone marrow derived, because there are more MSCs in fat than bone.

But only patients of the Tisch MS Center are eligible to the trial. Dr. Sadiq hopes to get another MS center to join in the phase 2 trial. You can donate to help the Tisch MS Center research. Here is the link http://tischms.org/support-our-work

I will be posting shortly on an easy action we can all take, that has just come into sight for a political solution, that will accelerate patient access to cellular therapy.
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