Dr Atkins in Canada

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Dr Atkins in Canada

Postby CureOrBust » Mon Dec 11, 2006 5:23 am

Dont know if its already here somewhere, but:


“Harry is a huge asset,” said Dr. Rudnicki. “He’s a one-man catalytic engine starting up these Phase One and Phase Two clinical trials, from the heart through to MS and rheumatoid arthritis.

I dont think I have read of his trials?
Dr. Atkins has used stem cells from patients’ own blood to halt virulent cases of MS

Working closely with neurologist Dr. Mark Freedman, he developed a three-step transplant protocol designed to shut down the disease. First, stem cells are collected from an MS patient whose blood is repeatedly “cycled” through a machine and returned to them. The patient then undergoes an intense round of chemotherapy, usually lasting about 10 days, to completely destroy their immune system. Afterwards, the purified blood stem cells are transplanted back into the patient to rebuild the immune system – a process that usually takes another 20 days.
It doesnt sound new to me, but its someone else doing it.
Since 2001, Drs. Atkins and Freedman have treated 13 patients with this protocol. One died as a result of liver toxicities caused by the intense chemotherapy. The other 12 have returned to their normal way of life.

Working with MS centres and hospitals in Montreal and Toronto, Dr. Atkins plans to continue the study until 24 patients have been treated.
Any volunteers?
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