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Postby ljm » Fri Jul 14, 2006 10:47 am

Aaron, I thought that on a few issues it might be useful if we could have reference pages which people work collaboratively to annotate/update (wikipedia model). There have, for example, been lots different threads with info on blood tests that would be useful in identifying potential contributing factors (B12, Uric Acid, VitD). If we could collaborate on a list of essential and optional blood tests I think that would be huge help for people to work with their GP to get necessary requisitions. I think collaboration on a standard supplement list would also be useful. I realize there are going to be some disagreements but there are some things that are pretty much inarguable as being a pretty good idea (omega 3, vitD, NAC, ALA, etc) OF COURSE we'd include the standard would just give people esp newly diagnosed a running start in what they might consider...
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