I can't wait!

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I can't wait!

Postby superman » Wed Apr 18, 2007 6:13 am

Yesterday I saw my neuro, to check whether Copaxone had any effect on my brain health seen on MRI.
Unfortunately, after 6 months of daily self shooting, nothing, or actually something: 20 more active lesions + two relapses.
My neuro who is a bit hyper-active did not take ages to decide,
I'll take Tysabri in one month since she needs before this to have the agreement of 5 other neuros(so it is in France).
But it should be ok as i meet the requirements to enroll this treatment: lack of positive effects under CRABS treatments: i had been on Rebif 44 for 5 years, which at its end did not stop the new enhancing lesions before being on Copaxone for 6 months.
Maybe i am a bit too enthutiastic, but last year when Tysabri had been relaunched, i was in the middle of crisis, and this Tysabri seemed to me as a bright star in my grey sky that could help me soon.
Then i have kept being informed on this treatment day after day: the FDA allowing it to be back on the market and so on...
And now, finally i'll be allowed to take it.
Of course i know that it does not work for all and that it's risky.
But just the fact that my neuro told me "If you were my brother, I'd give you Tysa straight away"(without waiting for the agreement of other neuros) reflects that it must really a difference(...) :?:
anyway i'll keep u informed of MY tysabri experience.
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Postby ewizabeth » Wed Apr 18, 2007 6:44 am

Hi Superman,

I hope you get great results from Tysabri. I see my doctor today, and that's first on my list of things to ask about. Keep us posted on how you're doing!
Take care, Ewizabeth Previously Avonex, Rebif & Copaxone RRMS ~Tysabri, 31 infusions, ended 9/09. Starting Copaxone 12/09, waiting for Cladribine to be approved in 2010.
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