4 infusions so far

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4 infusions so far

Postby 10yearsandstillkicken » Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:52 pm

I had my 4th infusion today and thought I’d put my 2 cents in. I have not had a great improvement or any that I can really put my finger on. I guess I feel somewhat better. It is hard to tell if that is just the MS doing what it does best, that is changing like the wind. I did manage to aerate the lawns this weekend without the usual feeling of crushing fatigue. Things have gotten no worse either and for that I am grateful. I will say after the first infusion I was beyond exhausted. I was wiped through the next day. After the third infusion, I packed for vacation. I think anxiety contributed to or was the main culprit for the fatigue after the first. I am still seriously needle phobic even after 10 years of interferons. My heart rate was 107 just walking in the door if that tells anything about how I was feeling. I haven’t had an MRI since I started but will in a couple months. I did have one a couple months before I started so it will be interesting if things settle. Not that lesions are the whole story. Maybe a chapter or two. Time will tell but I am more hopeful than I had been. I certainly do not miss having a shot every other night.
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