Droopy's going to UBC without banding but (probable ms???)

This is the place to ask questions if you have symptoms that suggest MS, but aren't yet diagnosed.

Droopy's going to UBC without banding but (probable ms???)

Postby droopy » Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:07 pm

First off, I am completely blown away my username was not taken, lol. My brother bought me a droopy tie 20 yrs ago as I am a chronic napper and always look and feel tired.

4 yrs ago I got the tingles, first in my left hand then the legs which started me down this path. Test after test and everything was inconclusive, eeg anomoly triggered the first mri, which my neuro didn't look at till 6 months later during my follow up it seemed as I was being given a clean bill of health until he saw something and rewinded his tape recorder.

He then scheduled another MRI and the spinal tap as I apparently had lesions consistent with MS on my first MRI. The second showed the same lesions no progression and the spinal tap has come back clear of the banding. When I asked the Dr. for what else it could be if not MS he gave me no its probably MS and now I'm off to UBC to Dr. T. Just thought I'd introduce myself and well, start learning. My main question would be what else could it be, I am not very comfortable with being in the 15% without banding is it some as of yet undiscovered disease?

Things I relate too so far,

Tingling (4 years)
Active tremor (15 years)
Fatigue that is unexplainable (Early 20's)
Cognitive decline (3-4)
Tightness of muscles/spasticity??? (Early 20's for sure, but painful to straigten my arms out last few)
Tripping (2-3 yrs)

I think I'm somewhat in denial or actually relieved that there's a label as quality of life with the kind of fatigue I experience is so not fun and sending my folks one of the video's on the fatigue gives them an understanding of my sloth like state at times. I did quit smoking two weeks ago on ash wednesday which Im pretty sure is motivated by this in someway.

Nice to meet you :)
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Re: Droopy's going to UBC without banding but (probable ms??

Postby jason74 » Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:43 am

Hi, Not sure if you want to hear this, but it may be MS. As you may know MS isn't always the same with everyone. Especially the symptoms you have when diagnosed. When diagnosed I had same symptoms as you, plus a heap more. It's just gone 6 years since I was diagnosed RRMS. Think I'm now in the next stage. I'm also new to talking on this site. We normally talk on the CPn Help.org forum. My wife writes for me, as my coordination and cognition etc isn't too good.
Wishing you luck

Jase and Renee
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