Vertigo and Tinitus

This is the place to ask questions if you have symptoms that suggest MS, but aren't yet diagnosed.

Vertigo and Tinitus

Postby Bunnythecat » Tue Jun 18, 2013 5:28 am


I'm writing from the UK and this is my first post.
Been reading the posts here which have been really helpful.

As yet I am undiagnosed, but have had a brain MRI and a nerve conduction test in left foot/leg (have lost feeling). I was referred to a Consultant Neurologist by my Neuro Surgeon (have 2 previous spinal surgeries for degenerative disc disease). I have been informed that there are "some areas" showing on my brain, but I won't get the full picture until tomorrow when I see the Neurologist.

The worst symptoms for me are extreme dizziness/loss of balance, a horrible buzzing/tremor type feeling going right through my core and more recently continuous tinnitus. I also have constant pins and needles in my left foot/leg/hand/arm, electric shock type pains in my lower left leg/foot/toes , blurry/shaky vision, confusion and sometimes difficulty swallowing.

Does anyone else experience these and are these typical of MS, and if so do you know of anything that will lessen the symptoms? I am unable to work at the moment as my GP and employers consider it too dangerous because I am prone to falling over a lot.

In a way I hope the diagnosis is Ms cos at least then I will know what is going on, at the moment I just feel like i'm going mad ! :-( It would be great if anyone can share similar experiences with me.

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Re: Vertigo and Tinitus

Postby Pinkkitty » Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:04 am


I also suffer from constant dizziness and I have actually been dxed with vertigo. I have tinnitus constantly.

I read that if you have symptoms constantly you probably have a psychiatric disorder that leads to hypochondriac behavior. I actually do have bipolar disorder and it is so hard to get anyone to take me seriously when it comes to my health. It took me two years of almost constant crying to finally convince my dr. I actually had fibromyalgia. I really don't understand that because he put me on Gabapanten which is a medication that does NOT make one high. Due to my bipolar I an often treated as a person who is just trying to score good prescription drugs. if they took the time to check my chart they would see that my psychiatrist provides me with all my good drugs.

Anyway, good luck. We do have a lot of the symptoms of MS, and yet they can also be symptoms of other things as well. Try to keep a journal of sorts. Recording the days and times you experience symptoms. Even if its a weird symptom ( ex: your liver and spleen feel like they are being crushed--DEFINITE sign of MS....but a lot of people wouldn't put it down as a symptom) my best wishes for you and I hope you find out something soon!!
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