My results...

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My results...

Postby Starlyght24 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:21 pm

I just picked up the report from my 1 year follow up MRI:

Findings: Again there is somewhat confluent T2 hyperintensity involving the left aspect of the corpus callosum, minimal on the contralateral side. Also scattered bifrontal subcortical hyper intensities. There is no increase in extent of this compared to previous exam. Appearance is suspicous for demyelinating process.

There is no acute hemorrhage seen on the T2, a susceptibility sensitive sequence. There are no areas of restricted diffusion to suggest acute infarction. Ventricles are normal in size. There are no extra-axial collections. There are no areas of abnormal enhancement on the post contrast images.

Impression: White matter disease, some involving corpus callosum, unchanged. Appearance suspicious for demyelinating process.

Soooo basically there hasn't been any change and it's still suspicious for demyelinating process do you think my next step will be a LP?

I have to wait a couple of days for my doctor to get the CD and to review it himself. Then I will call and see what he says since my appt with him isn't until Aug 21st!
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Re: My results...

Postby aredmosquito » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:19 pm

My first MRI was pretty close to what you described, and they recommended a spinal tap. It hurt like HELL. Mine was positive for bands, and then they did an MRI of the spine. That, combined with my past weird symptoms that never seemed to make sense, along with negative HIV/PML/Lyme tests, got me a dx of MS.
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