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This is the place to ask questions if you have symptoms that suggest MS, but aren't yet diagnosed.

New to MS

Postby atilladahunt » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:11 am

I'm meeting with a MS specialist this Friday. I'm hoping to have lumbar puncture and MRI's interpreted.

The first neuro who ordered the MRI showed me the 2 lesions and told me it was most likely MS. I had a mild bout of diplopia (optic neuritis) that lasted 10 days but would come and go...lasting 5 minutes to 5 hours each day. That's what led me to Optometrist, GP, Optha-Neuro.

Anyway, since the day after she showed me the lesions, I have had daily symptoms effecting everything, not usually lasting more than 3 hours. One day, I'll have mild numbness in both feet, or one foot, both arms or one arm. I've had hot patches on lower and upper back and hot patches on chest and belly.

Yesterday I felt like garbage all day, but then felt great at 8pm and played poker with friends until 1am (by the way, I've been going to sleep really early every night since I saw MRI, and getting out and laughing with friends has me feeling the best). I'm tired, but it was worth it.

Also, my current theory on relapse is that I took antibiotics for the first time in 5 years one week before diplopia started and have had ridiculous gas, diarrhea since that week. I have also developed severe acne in the last two weeks. I know the acne can be stress, but it also seems consistent with a candida problem triggered by antibiotics. I'm having a hard time buying into Candida being a real issue, but it is plausible and not much more of a leap in diet strictness than what I'm already doing. Does anyone have any thoughts?

Now on to my question:
I went from having ZERO symptoms (except mild diplopia) to full on tingles and hot flashes everywhere, one day after seeing my MRI. I'm starting to wonder if the whole reading 6 MS books, becoming a vegaquarian and general stress has my head screwing with me a little as well. Has anyone experienced this many different symptoms in a relapse...or are these more symptoms and not necessarily a relapse. It's difficult to discern the difference between relapse and symptoms in the books I have read.

P.S. This is the first time I've ever felt physical stress in my life. Up until now I've been a very laid back, non-stressed guy.

Thanks so much for any feedback,

Undiagnosed, but pretty sure.
Taking D3 but studying all supplement programs now.
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