MRI results - help!

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MRI results - help!

Postby thejohndo » Wed Feb 26, 2014 7:32 am

Hello all,

Over the years I've had a number of relapses and corresponding MRIs.
Every time the MRI result was never conclusive in itself, only a number of foci throughout...
So the doctors, relying on the MRI reports, say they can't conclude on MS.
However, when I look at the reports over the years here's what I see:

Feb 2008 - a few lesions in white matter of both frontal regions
Jul 2008 - tiny lesions scattered in white matter
May 2009 - 2 lesions in deep white matter in right hemisphere
May 2010 - nothing!
Nov 2010 - nothing!
Mar 2013 - lesions in corona radiata + left frontal subcortical regions

I find that there's a lot of coming and going of lesions over the years which does not seem as a "normal finding" in a relatively young subject (35 yo)...

Anybody with a similar picture?

Note that all new lesions correlate with new symptoms...

John D.
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