Electric shock type pain and weather????

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Electric shock type pain and weather????

Postby jam123 » Fri Mar 21, 2014 11:10 am

Hello, this is my first post and it really is more of a short story lol and a question I guess. To start with I am 45, a Type2 diabetic and Hidradenitis Suppperativa sufferer. Over the past two years I have been getting electric type shock pain in mostly my legs and some in my arms and stomach. They come in waves then completely go away for awhile. Each time they start up again I have noticed I have problems hanging on to things especially cups and drop things constantly. I also tend to trip over my own feet lol and if possible trip over my own mouth. Like I can't keep up with what i am trying to say and I will slur quite a bit. I also have problems breathing where I get what I can only describe as lyngospasms (sp?) and I find it hard to swallow at times. Lately for the past 9 months or so I have been having lower left flank pain and after several tests (kidney primarily) they all come up negative for stones and my creatine levels are fine. They are clueless to what is causing my pain. Now, the day before I started experiencing an electric type shock to my neck and then a second later to my head. I had four episodes in about an hours time and some yesterday also. My head would feel kinda fuzzy for a minute or two then go away. I was worried and called Dr's office and they told me to come in the next day. I did and the nurse and doc took my temp and blood pressure and told me it was the weather and if it was tolerable to just deal with it. Didn't do any sort of exam or anything at all. I asked if it was possibly neuropathy but it seems to be different. As she walked out after our 5 min appt..again telling me it was the weather she looked back and said it could be your lumbar, or some neuro problem, or signs of MS but to get you to a specialist would take forever and it's very expensive, and she was gone. I also asked for help with HS and she prescribed a medicine to put on my open wounds. After not trusting her I found the med could NOT be put on open wounds at all and wasn't even for my disease. SORRY to be so long..but what I am worried about is that a lot of my symptoms sound similar to MS (thou I pray it's not) and I have never heard of getting electric type shock pains from the weather unless hit by lightning lol. I know you are not doctors but I am looking for any input you can give. I would appreciate it so much!!! And yes, I have a call in to the clinic I go to (no insurance)to complain about them. If it is truly the weather I will feel like a fool and have major apologizing to do but I am pretty sure they are wrong. I have no insurance and am forced to go to a health care clinic where I get different docs all the time. This one by the way was a nurse practioner. THANK YOU for reading this!
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