Not MS yet?

This is the place to ask questions if you have symptoms that suggest MS, but aren't yet diagnosed.

Not MS yet?

Postby abcwangfoo » Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:20 am

For months now left side of face tingly.Started out with one tear drop feeling(nothing there)
carpul tunnel few other things.Sometimes(for a minute)Eye gets stuck,If I don't rub it I feel like it won't open
Any ideas? Also,for quite awhile a short lived sharp pain in eye.Iv;e been to specialist because of floaters.
Last yr new glasses. Didn't have eye stuck together,then to tell him Any ideas Take care
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Re: Not MS yet?

Postby Zyklon » Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:09 am

Maybe go to a doctor?
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Re: Not MS yet?

Postby jimmylegs » Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:19 am

to rule out the poss that some of your issues could be related to diet/lifestyle, and to help keep the diagnostic picture clear for the doc, consider topping up all your nutrients, see which if any symptoms are left.

does your diet meet current public health recommendations for all essential nutrients? (most ppl's don't and even health care providers' often don't).
do you currently use a high quality daily multi?

yrs and yrs ago my ex went on a new diet and exercise regimen to address familial hypercholesterolemia. he successfully controlled his cholesterol levels without medication and during the same time period his eyeglass prescription had to be changed to accommodate improved vision.

i used to have floaters, but since i've paid attention to my nutritional status they are gone. there's not much in the academic literature on nutritional links to vitreous floaters but general google has made the connection to vit b12. i was vegan and at one time my levels were undetectable.

my throat used to get stuck mid-swallow and i actually thought i would die like that but then i figured out i had a magnesium deficiency, fixed that, problem solved.
odd sx? no dx? check w/ dietitian
99% don't meet these. meds/lifestyle can affect levels
status can be low in ms & other cond'ns
'but my results are normal'. typical panels don't test all
deficits occur in 'normal' range
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Re: Not MS yet?

Postby abcwangfoo » Mon Aug 14, 2017 3:28 pm

TKS for responces
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