Mercury vs. Zinc

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Re: Mercury vs. Zinc

Postby gainsbourg » Wed Apr 24, 2013 1:36 am

PN, before you visit your natropath read as much as you can about the unecessary dangers of large or occasional dose DMPS on the Yahoo Mercury Detoxification Support Forum

my initial results were from a
challenge test (2000mg of DMSA or may have been DMSP)....I know these are not as
accurate but the fact that my naturopath said "extreme" indicates something
unusual from the normal results. In retrospect, I believe that this challenge
test probably caused the formation of this new lesion I have!

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Re: Mercury vs. Zinc

Postby NHE » Wed Apr 24, 2013 3:30 am

PointsNorth wrote:Thx gbourg, my doc in this instance is a naturopath and he assures me he is quite mercury savvy. I'll mention to him what you have noted when I do DMPS tomorrow.

Here's an important site to read about DMPS. Several people have had horrific side effects from DMPS. In addition, it discusses why either a DMSA or DMPS "challenge" test is not useful and is likely fraudulent.

The QuackWatch site also has an article about the invalidity of challenge tests.

How the "Urine Toxic Metals" Test Is Used to Defraud Patients ... toxic.html

Here's a site to read about Andy Cutler's chelation protocol. ... -protocol/

Lastly, you may wish to read one of my earlier posts on chelation which has a link to a paper that states that mercury, unlike lead, is naturally excreted by the body with a half life of 1 to 2 months. There are also links to a series of papers where DMSA was used in children with autism.
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Re: Mercury vs. Zinc

Postby NHE » Sun Apr 28, 2013 5:08 am

Even though DMSA is FDA approved, there are still problems with its use making it important to do chelation treatment under the guidance of a knowledgable doctor. One problem is the loss of essential minerals.

In a study of autistic children, DMSA was found to increase the excretion of both chromium and potassium. Chromium is important in glucose metabolism and potassium is vital for many cellular functions.

See figure 3 in...

Safety and efficacy of oral DMSA therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders: Part A--medical results. ... 4-9-16.pdf

DMSA can also cause a significant increase in copper and zinc excretion. (free full text)
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