traditional chinese medicine for MS

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traditional chinese medicine for MS

Postby Laraine » Sun Jul 13, 2008 11:13 pm

Hi guys, I'm from the Gold Coast, Australia, and have found your views on alternative treatment for MS most interesting, its great to see so many with an other than medical view to healing this problem.
I was told 5 years ago, at age 58, and after an MRI scan, that I had the biginning of MS. Never been sick in my life and now this ??
I found out that I had mercury poisoning, so had my amalgams out but still had the weak right side of the body. I went to a naturopath for years, but not much help, but have just recently discovered TCM, a chinese doctor fully qualifed and all and what a difference that has made. Chinese tea, I cook up myself and acupuncture twice a week is giving me some hopeful thoughts. I have been having this treatment for 3 months now and am still 2 steps forward one back so to speak? But definitely feeling better in myself, as a person, but have good days walking and some days as weak as a kitten, just can't lift my right foot off the ground.
But Cheerleader, I am most interested in you talking about the Capsaicin, that is for circulation, as we all know, and it makes sense that it would help. I will definitely be getting some of that.
I still sleep a lot, but to me that is healing time, so it doesn't worry me.
On good days I go for a bike ride with my dobermann and she just loves that, but bad days nothing. Thankfully hubby runs with her each morning.Thanks for your tips, I love reading this
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Postby cheerleader » Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:56 am

Hi Laraine...
Welcome! So sorry you find yourself in this new world, but it sounds like you are doing all the right things for your MS. Your attitude is great, and that will make so much of a difference.

I know that Gibbledygook is using Chinese herbs for her MS can read about her experiences here:

She's the one using capsaicin (red hot peppers!) to help, and it's working for her. My husband is keeping stable on the supplements he's on, and is on his bike and walking well. Some days are better than others....but he's thankful for it all.
Here's his story-

all the best,
the aging cheerleader
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