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Postby BadWolf » Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:37 am

So I finally got in to see the Neuro... and it was a total waste of my time. He saw the tremors and said "it's really not that bad" and recommended a pill to fix it. Then he compared me to another patient he saw that had "terrible tremors all over her entire body" that were fixed with this pill. He did not attempt to get to the root of the issue, though. Just wanted to bandaid it with a pill. Didn't ask many questions to figure out what is CAUSING the issues. When I mentioned the loss of fine motor skills, he had me do a series of coordination tests, which I passed pretty easily because they were all gross motor skills and not the issues I'm experiencing. When I mentioned that, he launched into a diatribe about feelings, and the "feelings we get when we first fall in love or someone we love dies" and how that is all tied into the head. It didn't make much sense honestly, but I felt like he was brushing it off as stress? He didn't even look at the laundry list of other symptoms I'm having. All in all, I just felt dismissed and uncared for. I'm not hoping or wishing something is wrong with me and therefore unsatisfied with a "there's nothing wrong with you" diagnosis, but I need to speak to someone who is going to spend more time with me. There is something wrong with me, whether it's minute like stress induced, or huge like MS. Something is wrong in my body and I want to figure out what that is, and he had no interest in that. After learning that two of my facebook friends went to this same doctor and were told there was nothing wrong with them (one of them tested positive for Lyme, btw, a few months after there was "nothing wrong with her") I looked this doctor up and it turns out he's getting horrible reviews by other patients. No one gave him more than a one star rating because he did the exact thing to them as well.

The ONE good thing that came out of that appt was he ordered an MRI (though after saying "they won't find anything, haha, but we'll get one anyway") so I go in for that on Saturday. You can bet I'll be taking it to a different doctor, though.

Hope you all are well!
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Re: Update!

Postby THX1138 » Mon Mar 31, 2014 11:13 am

That guy might not be a very good doctor. :|

How is the B12 thing going :?:
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Re: Update!

Postby 623san » Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:01 pm

My first neuro was a total asshole who said: "If you go 3 years without relapse then you can leave the meds". That was the best ray of hope I ever had. Once I reached 3 years without relapsing, I confronted him asking if I should leave the meds; and he, tired of my constant questioning, said: What the hell, yeah, here's the official note.

I kinda mistrusted him (I mistrust almost everyone!), so I consulted with the biggest MS specialist in the country and he said: "That bordered malpractice". If I had sent that note to the insurer, I might have never been able to get the medication again! And one year later I relapsed!

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Re: Update!

Postby BadWolf » Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:44 am

Yay someone who talks like me! Haha. Thanks, 623san. It feels good to know others have had issues as well. He wasn't so much an asshole, just very dismissive and compared me to other patients. I got that MRI done on Saturday, you can bet I'll be taking my results somewhere else.
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