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Post by beatms » Thu Sep 21, 2006 8:46 am

I had MS symptoms and brain damage, and EMG neuropathies after a long history of taking antibiotics since childhood for ear infections and sinus infections. I had been a very competitive runner until I believe the yeast finally caught up to me, and eventually I was unable to even get out of bed due to searing nerve pain.

I do not take antibiotics anymore, and as soon as I wised up and killed off yeast with soil organism *probiotics* and antiyeast oil of oregano, I could stand again and run.

I took flagyl for C-diff about three years ago before, and this helped me realize, after I finally got a MS diagnosis about what if anything did I do to my body that most people in their 20's had not done via an overprotective/over controlling/ fear driven mom and medical field---what did I do?-----TOOK ANTIBIOTICS EXCESSIVELY THROUGHOUT MY LIFE.

Now, certain ones may be more deleterious then others---such as the broad spectrum...I noted in my last post why some others may be of soome help.

Now, there are a lot of health/lifestyle changes that I've made that have reduced the amount of yeast as well like diet of more red meat,no refined grains, no more chlorinated water, sunlight, stopping phamaceuticals, etc.....


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Post by mrhodes40 » Thu Sep 21, 2006 1:43 pm

JImmy legs said

As different from Candida, which has no investigators anywhere in the world publishing data that shows oligoclonal bands are actually candida reactive

"published" vs "publishing"

Ann Neurol. 1978 Dec;4(6):579-81. Related Articles, Links
Occurrence of candida-specific oligoclonal IgG antibodies in CSF with candida meningoencephalitis
Candida meningoencephalitis is not MS!!!! The oligocloncal bands in MS brains have no published or publish ING studies showing oligoclonal bands in MS brains are candida specific. That was my point.

There are studies showing that oligoclonal bands are present in brains of many kinds in many illnesses that are specific to a number of infective diseases. For example, in syphilis you have bands that are specific for syphilis. Of course people can find OCbands that are candida specific in candida meningitis, that has nothing whatever to do with MS. I pointed out before that no one with MS has invasive candida in the brain, you'd be dead and your neuro an idiot.

MS has bands that have been shown in some peer reviewed research to be chlamydia pneumoniae specific. There is no research showing MS oligoclonal bands are actually candida specific. There is no candida gloitoxin in MS brains either, only gliotoxin that is a protein.

You've made a mistake. The facts presented in no way support the idea of candida in MS.

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