Egypt-wheelchair-Won't treat?

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Post by L » 8 years ago

Dr Sinan in Egypt will treat people in a wheelchair, I got in touch with him and he said that there would be no problem. He believes that people in this situation may be disappointed by the outcomes, but he will treat them.

I shall be there in my wheelchair in two weeks time so I shall let you know how it goes..
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Post by nagsy » 8 years ago

My wifes mate is/was wheelchair bound she was dx'd last year to PPMS - she was treated in India and is doing much better and able to walk with a walker. She can now also walk a little bit totally unaided.

For some they may not see mircaulous results but surely if only progression was halted it will be a result nonetheless.
Ali888 wrote:Egypt will not treat if you are bedridden or confined ro a wheelchair because they do not think there will be much benefit.

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