AtlasBalance (jaw misalignment) Dr M Amir - Putney London UK

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Re: AtlasBalance (jaw misalignment) Dr M Amir - Putney Londo

Post by EJC » Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:30 am

CureOrBust wrote:
EJC wrote:Dr Amir actually knows Gerald Smith, he's met him and has a reasonably good grasp how he operates as a dentist.

I had a chat with Dr Amir about this thread yesterday when Emma was seeing him for an appointment. It thought it was great that someone completely unconnected with Dr Amir and based on a different continent was treating people for jaw and teeth issues as it certainly gives US based people someone to talk to over there.
He is treating Jaw and teeth, but there are many many dentists around the world that treat both the jaw as well as teeth. All I am saying is that he does not treat MS with Jaw alignment (with no reference to it on his website), while your post implied that he was treating MS (by posting the following on an MS site) "treating jaw and teeth related problems and arriving at similar outcomes".

By removing a single word when quoting my post you manage to change the enitre context to suit your argument, which is mute.

What I said was:-

Also it's ideal if someone completely independent to Dr Amir is treating jaw and teeth related problems and arriving at similar outcomes.

Do you see how the word IF changes the entire context, it's not a statement, it's a question, an observation, an interest that may be seen in the future should someone choose to go there.

Engage your brain and read what's in front of you before firing off nonsense. If you are going to quote, quote the entire sentence or paragraph as it was written. Don't crop it to alter it's meaning and suit your viewpoint.

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