A forum to discuss Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency and its relationship to Multiple Sclerosis.
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Post by seeva » 3 years ago

HI Frends please read on Adam Gottschalt life story and cure his M.S using CCSVI
Please read more ... sclerosis/

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Post by 1eye » 3 years ago

I have, at different times, had six different personal support workers. They have told me, at my advanced age of 61, I am doing better than any of their other MS patients, of whom there are many. I have told at least 2 workers of my CCSVI procedure, because they have asked me why I am doing so well. I have only told one personal support person and one physiologist (a department head) about the biotin. I have become very wary of doctors of all kinds. I have become especially wary of neurologists. They are happy enough to write me off.

My belief is that it is unconscionable to think that a handful of ill-tempered so-called helping professionals have been able to be instrumental in effectively banning the CCSVI procedure for most MS patients, especially in Canada, and preventing insurance companies everywhere from helping people pay for it. It would have been better if they had never been licensed to practise.

They have been responsible, out of ego and plain bloody-mindedness, for an untold amount of human suffering. There is no justification for this behaviour, and no explanations other than that power corrupts, and that some physicians have extremely much too high an opinion of themselves.

CCSVI procedures have worked for many people. The attempt to ban them has not always worked. But many have been prevented, so that drug companies and their stooge doctors can make more money. May they all rot in hell.

I have been better, very long ago. I have been much worse, more recently. Since my CCSVI procedure almost exactly five years ago, my MS has not progressed. At all. Some things improved, and stayed improved. Since taking biotin I sincerely believe I have been getting even better.
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Post by cheerleader » 3 years ago

Adam was most certainly not "cured" of his MS by venoplasty---although he is doing better since treatment. This is actually a New York Times news story from 2012---not something from the NMMS. I know, because Jeff and I were interviewed and are in it and quoted. It's been reprinted on a blog with no credit. Very weird. But, that's the internet, I guess.
Here's the real link from the NYT ... .html?_r=0

At the time, I commented on Paul Tullis' article in the comments section-
It is interesting that Dr. Chris Gottschalk has published research on the impact of slowed cerebral blood flow in cocaine addicts, even using diuretics to increase blood flow in patients' brains, yet he is dubious about his own brother's improvements after venoplasty. ... ne-addicts

This seems to be an example of the cognitive dissonance we see in the MS world regarding the impact of hypoperfusion in MS.

Advocates and patients are simply asking for more research into cerebral bloodflow, venous insufficiency, cerebrospinal fluid stasis and resultant neurodegeneration. Thanks to CCSVI Alliance for continuing the dialogue with international researchers. Thanks to the International Society for Neurovascular Disease for leading the way.

Jeff Beal has no gray matter atrophy on MRI. His gray matter (ventricle width, thalamus, brains stem) are all normal. This is unusual for someone his age with MS. He's mountain biking and working full days. He no longer has night time spasms or sleep apnea. His heat intolerence is gone. These improvements appeared after venoplasty, and have lasted now over three years. These are tangible changes which go beyond placebo or "psychological" issues. People with MS deserve answers. They deserve independent research which is not beholden to pharmaceutical companies. Joan
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