Copaxone and Allergy shots ... anyone have an experience?

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Copaxone and Allergy shots ... anyone have an experience?

Post by Susanne285 » 8 years ago

Copaxone is new to me
- I started on October 22, 2010

Allergy shots are not!
- Therapy plan = weekly for six months + monthly for 30 months
- I have 10 months left

My last allergy shots, before Copaxone, had injection site reactions about 1" in diameter. On day 25 of my copaxone therapy I had my monthly allergy shots. One arm had a site reaction of ~3"x6", the other ~6"x10"!

Does anyone know how this could be Copaxone related? I have had 90 previous allergy shots and none have reacted like this. Anyone else doing allergy shots and Copaxone? I only have 10 months of allergy shots left, I don't want to abandon now!

For the last two Copaxone injections in my arms I was careful to avoid the area where my allergy shots are done.

Thanks for any opinions!

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No problems for me

Post by ScutFarkus » 7 years ago

Not sure if your question is still relevant, but just noticed it and thought I'd reply.

I've been getting allergy injections for about 40 years.
I've been giving myself Copaxone injections for almost 2 years.

So far, they've gone fine together. I should note that I don't use my arms for Copaxone injections; I save them for the allergy shots. Part of my motivation is that my arms are relatively lean, and my shot nurse warned that this might make the arm shots more painful, since Copaxone wants to be injected into the fatty layer below your skin. I did try my arm once for Copaxone, and sure enough, it was a pretty painful shot that ached for a day or two. Instead of my arms, I use my "love handles", e.g. the sides of my torso. Those aren't Teva-approved sites, but my shot nurse and neurologist both said they're fine.


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